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Phil Burt Innovation has a different approach. At the core of every service or product offered is a wholly holistic philosophy, developed over a decade by Phil in elite sport.


The ultimate bikefit? In the saddle with former Team Sky physio Phil Burt

One person who definitely has the correct medical background to assess your riding position is Phil Burt, who spent 12 years as British Cycling’s head of physiotherapy and another five years as consultant physiotherapist to Team Sky.

6 factors affecting saddle sores

Saddle sores happen to the best of riders and can seriously affect your cycling performance and enjoyment. Saddle choice, shorts, skin care and bike fit all play a part in keeping you comfortable.

How scientific rigour helped Team GB’s saddle-sore cyclists on their medal trail

The realisation that the modern obsession with intimate hair removal was almost certainly exacerbating saddle problems among the world’s most successful female cyclists was just one discovery in British Cycling’s latest quest to be the best.

Sleep system for Olympic Games and Tour de France

I was challenged by Sir Dave Brailsford back in 2009 into how I was going to do my bit to help Team Sky win the Tour de France.

New shorts led to gold medal, says Laura Trott

Spectators often applaud the ability of great athletes to endure hours of physical agony.

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