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How Phil Burt Innovation works with brands

Phil Burt Innovation is committed to bringing better solutions for the pains of problems of cycling to the wider public.


Working With Brands

We use the years of experience gained working in elite sport to find answers to the barriers that prevent optimal performance, and use this insight to help develop better cycling products.

This follows the client centred design process Phil honed around fit and athlete health, which ultimately resulted in bespoke saddles, shorts and handlebars being developed, as well as health guidelines and processes that helped reduce injury and pain and increase comfort and the time spent training.

We work with brands that want to improve your cycling experience. And because they have been designed through a process that, like our fit, solves real problems, they can transform your cycling.

These new products and their stories will appear as they come to market in conjunction with some of the most well known names in cycling.

Book in with Phil Burt Innovation for a consultation that truly transforms your riding.

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