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Retul 3D Motion Capture system
Retul 3D Motion Capture system
Phil has been using Retul since its inception in 2009. It has been a key tool in Phil’s bike part process at British Cycling and Team Sky.Back then people were still using plumb lines and projectors to measure riders, while sat still. This static fit process cant tell the fitter what’s happening dynamically when the rider is pedalling hard.

Retul provides the tool that allows this.Phil has worked with retul and on their Board of Advisors to develop better solutions to answer fit questions, whilst in partnership with British Cycling over the last 9 yearsInnovations like the Muve bike have been used in the wind tunnel to develop Olympic positions and kit.

Retul offers quick, reliable data to be gathered; not only about the rider but also the bike.The zin function uses the same 3D motion capture technology that allows the riders dynamic joint angle data to be collected to assure the bike itself. Every rider leaves with a report on both themselves and the bike. As always, data and data alone means practically nothing by itself. It is Phil’s 12 years of knowledge in the interpretation of the data that brings the real value

Phil has been using the Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping system for 5 years now. Developed by Daniel Schade, out of a German University, this system allows for quick, reliable analysis of the rider’s saddle pressure distribution.

Allied to the rest of the rest of the fit process, this evidence can help direct a fit towards the changes that need to happen to achieve your goal.

Phil has used Gebiomized to help present injury evidence that changed the UCI rule on saddle tilt in 2015. It also helped inform the process behind Project Ouch before 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

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