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Saddle Health Assessment

Phil Burt Innovation has developed the world’s first devoted saddle health clinic. Phil Burt’s research and work in this area forced a UCI rule change on saddle tilt and a 100% reduction in female saddle injuries within the Team GB cycling squad in the run up to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

However he remains convinced that many cyclists suffer in silence with saddle issues; either accepting it as part of riding or simply giving up on finding a solution.

More worrying is the people who give up cycling because they can’t cope with the saddle pain and discomfort. Making this a more open discussion, removing some of the awkwardness around the topic, which we believe has an impact on cycling participation, is a key goal of Phil Burt Innovation.

The session starts with an in-depth discussion of the issue and then a plan is discussed of the best path to resolving the issue. A full off and on bike assessment are normally needed; you can have the best saddle in the world for you but if it’s not in the right position or you don’t actually sit on it properly, it simply won’t work the way it should.

But what Phil burt has learnt is how multifactorial this issue is.These are just some of the considerations

Saddle choice,shape,width,gap or no gap,position,set back,tilt.

Chamois choice in short,position of chamois,fit of short,does short/chamois work with type of saddle

Individual skin health and history, stability and strength on the bike

Type of riding or training,is position and contact points optimal for this

Do you use chamois cream-is injury or tightness making you sit in a certain way,asymmetry-for example leg length difference

Each saddle issue is unique, like the rider. Some may be quite straight forward and riders leave wondering how they ever rode beforehand such is the relief and difference. Others may require careful investigation and guidance through the  minefield of factors at play and options to change

For the first time, Phil Burt Innovation puts his process to achieving good saddle health and  that multidisciplinary team of experts who helped the Olympic squad to the service of the public.

Be it referral to medical specialists or ordering a more suitable saddle, we will help you to the best solution. We work with major and small saddle manufacturers,short and chamois producers and have a huge range of trial products in clinic.In the past, we’ve even created bespoke saddles and shorts-and for some this may be the solution.

This service is part of the package of the Phil Burt Bike Fit

Onward referral and follow up may be recommended if needed.

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