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Your bike fit is completely tailored and individual to your specific needs and goals. No two bike fits are the same. That is why the price listed includes all of the following; off bike assessment, on bike assessment, saddle health analysis, pedal and cleat optimisation.

We also offer an aero assessment if this is part of your goal. We listen to you, and the two-hour session is designed to work on and deliver your desired outcome. Whether it be comfort and sustainability, power, or aerodynamics or a combination of all of these.

Off Bike Assessment

A full musculoskeletal assessment including history and examination. Read more about our Off Bike Assesment Off Bike Assesment
Time: 60 mins | £350
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On bike Assessment-or Bike Fit

The session starts with a discussion of the goal of it-injury,pain,under-performance,more aero,an optimal position for a new challenge. Read more about our Bike Fit
Time: 90-120 mins | £350
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Saddle Health Assessment

Phil Burt Innovation has developed the world’s first devoted saddle health clinic. Read more about our Saddle Health Assesment
Time: 90-120 mins | £350
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Aero Assessment

Phil Burt helped to achieve some of the most aerodynamic positions ever realised. This assessment is his take on what the General public should be focussing on. Read more about our Aero Assessment
Time: 90-120 mins | £350
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