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Phil Burt Innovation has a different approach

Phil Burt Innovation has a different approach. At the core of every service or product offered is a wholly holistic philosophy, developed over a decade by Phil in elite sport.

We have some simple principles; a client centred design process and using our holistic approach to bring all the interplaying factors together so you can see and feel large improvements on the bike.

When we carry out any of our services it has to be all about you. We’re not interested in selling you a new bike, or expensive upgrades. We place a huge amount of importance on listening and understanding your goals. By establishing the goal of an assessment or bike fit, we can tailor our experience to get the results and outcome you really want.

Bike fit is a marriage between the human (which is adaptable) and machine (which is adjustable). This is where Phil Burt has probably more knowledge and insight than anyone else in the world. It’s been his job for over a decade to keep the best riders riding and making their high performance positions sustainable and comfortable.

Our process places the client – you – at the very centre of everything.

We believe that you really need to understand how adaptable the human is before you can fine tune the adjustment of the machine. This is where a lot of bike fit processes struggle; fitting to numbers will only get you so far. The key is an understanding of how the body works and interacts with the machine. A decade as a top sports physio gives unrivalled insight into this area.

Another key belief is that a huge amount of focus needs to be given to the contact points of the bicycle. Through 12 years of honing his craft with the world’s best cyclists, he also has vast experience of either selecting (or when it’s not available, actually making) the right contact points; saddle, shorts, chamois, shoes and pedals, to name some examples.

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