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Bike Fit (on bike assessment)

Our ethos here is evolution not revolution. The Bike Fit session starts with a discussion of the goal of it; it could be injury, pain, under-performance, a desire to be more aero or an optimal position for a new challenge.

Almost anything could come up, but we spend time getting this clear so that everything else is done with it in mind.

Bike Fit Assessment

A full musculoskeletal assessment including history and examination is followed by on bike fit assessment using our Retul 3D motion capture system. Initial findings are then discussed with you before the session evolves into what it needs to be to achieve the goal.

More technology such as Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping may be used or even frontal area assessment using a depth camera. Adjustments suggested and made can be to equipment and/or the adaptability of the rider, addressed through a plan of treatment and/or rehabilitation. A pathway is designed to evolve the position of the rider towards the goal.

Quite often the optimal position for a newly assessed rider will be a long way away from their current one. Whilst injurious or damaging positions need and can be changed straight away, often the optimal position needs to be worked on more gradually.

For example, we can make anyone more aero and on average a frontal area session will drop someone’s aero footprint by 3-4%. However, this is by far the easiest part of the process; the rider then has to work at the adapting (flexibility) to the new position and holding it (strength and control). It’s a process, not an instant fix.

We work on a pathway that evolves towards the optimal position; the bike changing bit by bit as you do as well.

Bike Fit Assessment: £350
Time: 90-120 mins

You require: A clean bike, cycling shorts and shoes. We recommend wearing a crop top for female riders to enable optimal bio-marker placement. The session is not strenuous at all but the facility has showers should you wish to take one

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